Custom made wefts

South American Hair

We are excited to announce our new product range of custom made wefts. At the moment we are specialising in three types of hair textures Brazilian, Peruvian and Argentinian. Now before l talk about the custom made wefts let me touch a little on each hair type.

Argentinian hair: This hair is sourced directly from Argentina and is a soft silky texture. In Argentina you have a lot of Anglo- South Americans so the hair does come with a similar look and feel to Spanish hair. It is still suitable for relaxed textured Afro hair. It is however not suitable for those who have natural Afro hair and want to leave their hair out for partings, even though you can straighten your natural hair to blend with the Argentinian hair, it is more suitable for relaxed textured Afro hair. This hair has a natural shine and luster and reflects sunlight so it has a nice glossy look after styling.

Brazilian hair: This hair has thicker cuticles as some Brazilian people are from Amerindian descent and African descent. So the combination makes the hair strands slightly thicker, making this hair very suitable for Afro hair. It is a bit coarse compared to Argentinian and Peruvian but is still softer and shinier than Indian and Chinese hair.

Peruvian Hair: This is very similar to Argentinian hair, the population of Peru is a mixture is part American Indian and Part European mainly from Spanish descent. This hair is very silky and soft with a natural luster. It is very high quality hair next to Argentinian hair. Most people would have it that Brazilian hair is the best in the world but this is not true. As hair that comes from Argentina and Peru surpasses Brazilian hair by far!

Now lets talk about custom made wefts and mixing hair types and textures. You can mix textures to give you a look and feel that is unique to your specific needs and requirements. E.g Peruvian curly and Argentinian wavy. If you love bouncy wavy hair that you can straighten and as soon as you wash it it returns to a natural wavy bouncy look. Well this is the combination for you. The Peruvian curly is very soft and has bouncy curls combined with the silky soft texture of the Argentinian wavy it will give you a full look when you use 200Gr’s (around 8oz). Where you would normally need 300 grs (around 12 oz) with curly or some wavy hair to get that bouncy full look, by combining the two textures you get volume, softness,shine luster and versatility.

Argentinian hair and Peruvian hair

Brazilian hair can be mixed with Peruvian hair to combine the thickness of one to the silkiness of the other. This would look lovely on women who are darker skinned and did not want something that looks too silky and unnatural. The best combinations are Brazilian Straight and Peruvian wavy. When washed and air dried the difference is unnoticeable, but if you mix Brazilian curly and Peruvian wavy the coarseness of the Brazilian hair will show more as the Brazilian curly is from the Afro Brazilians so the contrast can be noticed at times.  But whatever your likes custom made wefts make the weft personal and unique to you. So no more buying bundles of different hair types to get that look you want, get that look you want on one weft.

Custom weft Peruvian wavy and Argenttinian straight

And here is a look at one of our custom made wefts Peruvian wavy and Argentinian straight 16″. We mixed 3 colours 1b,2 and 3 to get the highlighted look. This also is part of the service we offer our colours range from 1 – 27. But this also depends on the bulk hair we have in stock to mix your specified colours. If you want to know more please feel free to contact us on our website form.

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