Getting the best out of your Virgin Brazilian Hair!

Natural Color Brazilian Hair

When you spend a lot of money on hair extensions you will have the expectation that the hair will last you a very long time. The worst thing that can happen is that your hair begins to tangle or sheds like crazy. At Micheall’s Hair and Beauty we put our hair through the shed and tangle test. And what is that exactly?

We work closely with a factory in Brazil that sources the hair from many cities and villages in Brazil South America. 95% of our hair is virgin hair ( hair that has never been chemically treated or coloured or out through a refining process).  Brazilian hair is one of the most expensive hair extensions in the world it is widely sort after even in Brazil. After the hair is shipped to us the sales team at Micheall’s take all the hair and check each bundle, If a bundle has too many grey hairs or the texture is not upto our standard we put it in a pile to be sent back to our supplier.

We then comb through the hair and check the hair for lice eggs. We pride ourselves in quality and do not believe in selling dirty products. After the hair is combed we wash and condition the hair and let it air dry in our hot room. After the hair is dry we put it through the tangle test.

We put all the hair together in a box, we purposely mix the hair together .We leave it there for a few days, after which we take the hair out of the box and comb it through. One would ask why would we do that. We try and simulate a scenario where someone has washed their hair and does not brush it, but air drys the hair  and goes to bed without wrapping the hair or braiding it. After some tosses and turns during the night when they wake up the hair will need a good brushing, as it will be roughed up and might even be knotted. Well imagine not brushing it and leaving it for a few days. Surely it will tangle right! Well this is how we determine good hair from bad hair. Our Brazilian hair does not and should not tangle. So this process helps us determine the longevity of particular bundles. (P.s this is a homemade process that we invented) We also vigorously comb the hair to see how strong the wefting is and how much the bundle will shed. If too many strands are shed with this initial brushing this means the bundle will not last long so we put that bundle of hair aside.

But why is Brazilian hair so popular? Some people ask. It’s to do with the high protein diet of Brazilian women. You know the saying you are what you eat. Their diet comprises of meat, beans and vegetables. Which makes their hair cuticles very strong and durable? Now we must state not all hair from Brazil is Brazilian hair. Brazil is also one of the biggest importers of Indian hair, they process it and sell it as Brazilian hair because it is wefted in Brazil. So when your buying hair from Brazil you have to be aware that not all hair from Brazil is real Brazilian hair it could be Indian or Chinese. One thing that gives fake Brazilian hair away is the pricing. If you find someone selling Brazilian hair for ridiculously cheap prices its definitely fake as real brazilian hair retails from $80 for 8″ – 10″ in Brazil. So be aware of this when you think you are getting a bargain.

The main hair types we sell are Straight, Wavy, deep wave and curly. Let’s look at how to maximize the longevity of you hair extension.

Q) Can you colour the hair?

A)  Yes you can – but try and use colorants that do not contain ammonia as this weakens the hair cuticles. And can leave the hair dry and brittle.

Q) Can l perm straight hair to make it curly ?

A)  You can but this is not advisable as the chemicals in perming agents strip the cuticles of its high levels of keratin ( a chemical produced naturally by the body – found in nails, skin and hair) Which builds a coat around the scalp to strengthen hair cuticles. By perming the hair you can make it brittle and less durable.

Hair care tips

Morrocan Oil

We recommend Moroccan Oil hair products for Straight and Wavy hair as it gives it a healthy looking shine that does not leave a residue and it also revitalizes the hair.

Moroccan Oil has a lovely smell that leaves the hair not only smelling great but silk and smooth also. It revives hair, conditions and reduces drying time.

Overall we give Morrocan Oil 10/10 its and amazing product!

John Frieda Dream Curls Spray

We also recommend John Frieda Frizz  eaze for Deep wave and curly hair, to give curls body and bounce. Frizz eaze is excellent for curly and really wavy hair. It always leaves your curls or waves defined and freeze free.  This product works well with the Brazilian Molado Hair. You can also use the John Frieda freeze eaze serum with this product the two compliment each other.

Wash the hair at least once a week, black hair products are not recommended as this hair is not from black origins. To keep the curly hair looking its best always braid into 5 or 6 singles plaits before bed and wash the hair twice a week to remove traces of serums and oils so it does not look overworked with products.

Overall  to get the best out of your hair extensions look simply look after them well!

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  • Anonymous

    Great information!

  • Hurtbrittany20

    I recently bought 3 bundles of what I believe is Indian hair because of what you mentioned about the pricing. It was said to be unprocessed and has a distinct smell to it. I have washed the hair once but the smell still remains. What can I use to get it out?

    • Michealls Hair


      Sadly even though so called (Virgin) hair can be highly priced does not mean that it is not processed. 9 times out of 10 the smell you are referring to is when hair has been washed in an acid bath and coated with silicone to give it that glossy looking perfect shine. Some factories use really harsh cheap acids that taint the hair and leave a permanent smell, l have read of people washing their hair in things such as lemon juice to try and neutralize the smell. But sometimes some smells are permanent l hope you can find a solution for your problem. I’m sorry l couldn’t be of more help regarding this.

      • Anonymous


  • Malissa Muts

    Thank you for the info on hair care.found it really helpful

  • Martha Mani

    Honestly ,after reading your article about the care of Brazilian Hair i now know that i was damaging my Brazilian Hair. Thanks

  • Amecia Cowan

    I wash my Brazlilan body hair and it just get dry an tangle, even when I curl it an wear it for like 2 days an then try to comb it back out, it just tangle up.
    Please tell me what should I use to take the dryness an frizzy, tangle out?

    • Roni Thomas

      Where did u get the hair? It may not be 100%. Use Mizani moisture condition for 20 min rinse well. Don’t flat iron or curl daily. Did u color or lighten the hair?

  • Amecia Cowan

    My hair is dry an frizz and always tangleing up, can u please tell me what to use in it?