Mega Sales!

Mega Sale

Every body loves a sale, it’s what makes shopping exciting. That adrenaline rush when your queuing outside your favorite store  ready to shop like your on supermarket sweep grabbing as many bargins as possible, before your rival shoppers get to that one desired product! Harrods, Selfridges, Next, Monsoon, Zara the list is endless so many retailers have mega sales once, twice, three times a year some every other month. But today l want to talk about the Human hair Industry.

Virgin Hair Mega Sales, everywhere l turn there is  a mega sale. Dont get me wrong,  some of them are legitimate businesses trying to sell of their stock. But some prey on women who are looking for a bargin. And sell them fake hair extensions and call them Brazilian or Peruvian hair. The hair is either Chinese, Indian, mixed with synthetic etc. What l find interesting is how people hardly sell fake Indian hair, some do but very few. It’s always either Brazilian Hair or Peruvian hair.

Indian Hair

Which is understandable as Brazilian Hair is one of the most sort after hair extensions in the world and is hard to get and some are even stealing women’s hair in Brazil at bus stop’s. I kid you not, check out this link.

Brazilian Hair is the Crème de la Crème of hair, but some people are having MEGA SALE’S with fake Brazilian Hair, that most women nowadays do not know the difference between fake Brazilian Hair or real Brazilian hair because they always buy it at these mega sales every three months. Brazilian hair extensions have a life span of upto 2 years (depending on how you look after your hair). It should never tangle or matt into dreadlocks as the cuticles are thick and strong .

Real Brazilian Hair

Please don’t get me wrong l am not against mega sales, I am just against the fact that people are being ripped off with fake Brazilian Hair and it is spoiling the market for those of us who have legitimate businesses that are selling good quality Brazilian Hair. So many people are now very cautious of how they buy hair now as so many charlatans are out there ready to swindle people out of their money! A part of me wonders though, Ladies when you see Brazilian hair for £8 or £20 how much do you think they bought it for. Even if they buy 100 kilogram-mes wholesale seriously how much did the donor sell it for, unless they were dead and the wholesaler got it free (hmm food for thought). Brazilian hair is expensive wholesale worldwide, if thief’s in Brazil are stealing it then it must be worth something good don’t you think. l have heard stories from women that have said they have had reactions to Brazilian hair and how one person told me that there was a insect in one of the cheap hair extension’s (Mega Sale Hair). One of them said that there was something in the hair that ate through a young lady’s scalp and left her with a bald patch in the middle of her head. Be warned check your products closely and carefully before you install the hair. That the hair is clean, lice, Insect and lice egg free.

Chinese Hair

Don’t be naive  ladies do your homework about the company before you go and give them your money. Look for reviews on the hair company on youtube, check out their website and their terms and conditions. If they are just on Facebook and can not be traced elsewhere unless their your best friend l would stay clear of them you will have no way of tracing them if your hair goes wrong. For hygienic purposes most hair company’s do not take back used hair, fair enough but be careful where you spend your money. So ladies next time you see 80% off hair extensions do your research before you run to a MEGA SALE!
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  • kelly chukunyere

    Thank you for your article!! Its so sad people are being duped into buying fake hair all in the name of Brazilian hair. One of these people are love hair.(they can lawyer up on me, dont care!!) These girls are passing off fake Chinese hair as Brazilian hair .
    i have bought some hair from them and its abs horrible!! first, it smelt funny. when i tried washing it, it tangled like mad. the water also went brownish. couldn’t tell if it was dirt or dye. when i finally installed it, it shred like crazy! i ended up  binning it. You cant even complain or leave a comment on their Facebook page as i all forms of customer feedback have been blocked!! Now aint that super dodgy? lesson learnt!! CHEAP BRAZILIAN HAIR AINT WORTH IT!! Brazilian hair is expensive in even brazil so how come these girls are always have some kind of sale?? brazilian hair is gold!! beautiful to look at and beautiful to touch!! Beware!!!  Dont be fooled!!p.s. Not tried but soon would as they have FAB reviews on youtube!!             

  • Bolanle

    Hey! Kelly i totally agree with you. I had an experience with  a company called Global Hair.

    i went to their mega hair sale and was one that was duped thinking i was buying really cheap brazilian hair. I assumed it wouldnt be top notch brazilian hair because of the price but it was Brazilian hair nonetheless.

    To cut a long story short, the hair was really nice and texture felt nice but one thing i noticed is that it had all these white strands in it. I went home and washed it straight away and the hair was fine didn’t really shed and didnt go major frizzy but i noticed the 18″ bundle when washed made the water brown which i found very strange! Now for the first 2 days the hair was fine but then it started to shed like CRAZY!!! From then i knew it was not brazilian hair as it should not shed like that.

    But i still liked the hair, it suited me well. When i took the hair out now and washed it, it tangled like dreadlocks and the hair practically fell apart. once dried it was so frizzy it was a joke.

    I will never buy from there again and i’ve told all my friends not to go there either. 

    I dont feel too ripped off as i got what i paid for and i had my suspicions from the start but once i used it, it was confirmed for me. so i agree definately do your reasearch.

    Like you Kelly i have not used Michealls hair but i have heard good reviews and plan to try them out when i have money! lol

    • Sab82

      hi where where they based when you went to there sale? thanx