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After a lot of hard work, through photo-shoots, website design etc. Our new website is ready. The Web creative team have done such an excellent job, we are nearing the final phase of the launch of our online store. But for now we are launching our Blog.

This Blog will keep you updated on the latest news on whats going on at Micheall’s and take you behind the scenes of some of our photo-shoots, pamper me parties, hair sales and International expo’s that Micheall’s will attend and be a part of.


Sophie before make over

Last November we launched a competition called Brazilian Diva, where we gave one lucky facebooker a chance to win a make over worth over £500.  The prize included free Grade A premium quality Brazilian hair worth £300, free styling by a celebrity hair stylist Eugene Davis and make-up by the professional and talented Laura Dexter.

After the make over the winner would have a chance to take part in one of our photo-shoots and appear on our new website and blog. A big thank you to all those lovely ladies who entered our competition.

Our 3 Judges Selina Davis (Freelance the Workspace), Eugene Davis (Freelance the workspace) and Paula Henry (Professional Stylist) chose Sophie Mcwilliams as Micheall’s Hair and Beauty’s Brazilian Diva Competition winner.

Make over

Make Over

The photo-shoot was a big success, the stylists were amazing and the models were also amazing. Eugene Davis assisted by (Victoria) started off his amazing art work with his net weaving technique. This is one of the best weave techniques, as it protects your natural hair from pulling and tugging, and also the hair closures tend to be flatter and neater than using cornrow lines to sew in the weave.

Make up


After the hair was weaved, Sophie moved over to Laura Dexter for her make-up. The colours were warm and simple yet it had an amazing wow factor. The colors brought out Sophie’s amazing check bones and beautiful dimples.

After all the amazing hair and make up was done our competition winner looked absolutely stunning. The hair was great the make up was spot on. Well l guess all l can say is see for yourself

Final Result

Final Result

So we at Micheall’s would like to say a big thank you to Eugene Davis (Art Director and Hair Stylist), Laura Dexter (Make-Up Artist), Victoria (Hair assistant), Selina Davis of Freelance the workspace (competition judge), Paula Henry Professional stylist (competition judge), Shereen Mcnichol (Model), Sicily Gianni (Model), Danielle Powell (Model), John Obidipe (Photography), Vincent Cui (Photography),  Agata Preyss (Retoucher) and so many others. Micheall’s would not have been able to put this together without all your help.

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  • Winniemuchazo

    Excellent blog Mrs Smith, a fantastic achievement… We are so proud of you and your brazillian hair has got me hooked. It is fab xxx Winnie