To Frizz or not to Frizz

Hey everyone it’s been a while since l have posted up a blog post but so much has been happening in the hair business that it’s been hard to find time to sit down and write a blog post. I recently had the privilege of being sent some John Frieda products to review by one of their marketing representatives. l choose the Frizz Ease range (Frizz Ease product “line” for my American customers) as l wanted to test those particular products on my medium coarse Curly Molado hair. I was sent 4 main products, the Smooth Start conditioner, Smooth Start shampoo, Straight Fixation Smoothing Cream and the Frizz Ease hair serum for coarse hair.

Curly Mousse

Now, this was not my first time using the Frizz Ease range by John Frieda, but it was however the first time l had used the whole product range on my South American sew in hair extensions.  Let me start by saying that this product does what it says on the tin, FRIZZ EASE is the right name for this product. I have medium coarse curly hair (sew in extensions lol), and l had tried so many shampoos and conditioners to help control my main problem, frizz. In the past, like many others with coarser extensions, I’ve had to use a product to help calm frizz. Many times I just wanted a simpler solution where I could shampoo and condition the hair and just let it air dry leaving me with a natural curl pattern without manipulating the hair with some form of product.

When l used the whole Frizz Ease range, l began to see a difference in my hair extensions. They became hydrated, softer and frizz free. I would wash my hair with the Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner, then l would use the serum or curly hair mousse (that I already had) on the hair while it was wet. After that  l would let the hair air dry or l would use a diffuser on my blow dryer. This would pop out the curls so beautifully and l would have no frizz at all leaving the hair soft and manageable. I would find myself playing with my curls more often than l would normally. l got so much body and bounce from these products. I must say l really love them because they leave my hair soft and smooth. If  l were to rate the Frizz Ease range (Curly Mousse, Shampoo and Conditioner) l would give it a 9 out of 10. The serum however is my least favourite product. Even though it does help eliminate frizz, it also leaves my hair with a greasy residue that makes me have to wash my sew in more often than l would want to. I will give the Frizz Ease serum a 5 out of 10. Here is a link with our Deep Curly Brazilian Molado hair after l used the John Frieda products.

Frizz Ease


I am yet to try the Straight Fixation as l have only been wearing my hair curly. My next install will be our Cambodian deluxe wavy coarse so l want to try the straight fixation on this install when l use a flat iron. If you would like to find out more info on their products or how to use their products on your hair please check out Sheer Blonde.

If you want to see some of their tutorials you can check out their YouTube channel. I hope my review of the frizz ease products has been informative and l will be doing another short review on the straight fixation product soon. So stay tuned!

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