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What is Brazilian Diva Hair?

Grade A Hair

Brazilian Diva is Micheall’s Hair and Beauty own branded 100% Brazilain virgin 100% human hair. We are working closley with suppliers from Brazil to bring the best quality hair to our consumers. There is so much hair on the market that people call Brazilian so here is a few tips on how to know if your hair is really Brazilian hair!

Q. Firstly what is Brazilian Hair

A. It is the most sort our virgin hair in the world. The hair is known for its durability and high texture quality.

Q. Is all Brazilian hair good quality

A. No, Brazilian Hair ranges from Grade A down to a grade C.This is determined by the region and genetics of the hair doner for example some of the Grade A hair comes from the geographical areas where the doners are mostly Anglo. The hair is a fine silky texture which is excellent for wig making. This hair is the one of the highest quality’s on the market.

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