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Custom made wefts

South American Hair

We are excited to announce our new product range of custom made wefts. At the moment we are specialising in three types of hair textures Brazilian, Peruvian and Argentinian. Now before l talk about the custom made wefts let me touch a little on each hair type.

Argentinian hair: This hair is sourced directly from Argentina and is a soft silky texture. In Argentina you have a lot of Anglo- South Americans so the hair does come with a similar look and feel to Spanish hair. It is still suitable for relaxed textured Afro hair. It is however not suitable for those who have natural Afro hair and want to leave their hair out for partings, even though you can straighten your natural hair to blend with the Argentinian hair, it is more suitable for relaxed textured Afro hair. This hair has a natural shine and luster and reflects sunlight so it has a nice glossy look after styling.

Brazilian hair: This hair has thicker cuticles as some Brazilian people are from Amerindian descent and African descent. So the combination makes the hair strands slightly thicker, making this hair very suitable for Afro hair. It is a bit coarse compared to Argentinian and Peruvian but is still softer and shinier than Indian and Chinese hair.

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Mega Sales!

Mega Sale

Every body loves a sale, it’s what makes shopping exciting. That adrenaline rush when your queuing outside your favorite store  ready to shop like your on supermarket sweep grabbing as many bargins as possible, before your rival shoppers get to that one desired product! Harrods, Selfridges, Next, Monsoon, Zara the list is endless so many retailers have mega sales once, twice, three times a year some every other month. But today l want to talk about the Human hair Industry.

Virgin Hair Mega Sales, everywhere l turn there is  a mega sale. Dont get me wrong,  some of them are legitimate businesses trying to sell of their stock. But some prey on women who are looking for a bargin. And sell them fake hair extensions and call them Brazilian or Peruvian hair. The hair is either Chinese, Indian, mixed with synthetic etc. What l find interesting is how people hardly sell fake Indian hair, some do but very few. It’s always either Brazilian Hair or Peruvian hair.

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How to wear your Brazilian Hair!

Sophisticated Hair Do

Sophisticated Hair Do

Every woman has a particular style and look they want to portray to best reflect who they are, a lot of women feel that their hair has to always look the best, but sometimes you can get stuck with how to wear it. Human hair extensions can be worn exactly the same way as your own hair.  Here is a wig designed and styled by Eugene Davis with our Brazilian diva hair. It not only looks good, but gives the model that sophisticated style. Brazilian Hair is the most popular hair extension in the world as it is well known for its strong cuticles and silky smooth texture and  natural shine and still keeps it’s texture after a number of months for some even years.

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Our Quality Brazilian hair

After a lot of hard work, through photo-shoots, website design etc. Our new website is ready. The Web creative team have done such an excellent job, we are nearing the final phase of the launch of our online store. But for now we are launching our Blog.

This Blog will keep you updated on the latest news on whats going on at Micheall’s and take you behind the scenes of some of our photo-shoots, pamper me parties, hair sales and International expo’s that Micheall’s will attend and be a part of.

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What is Brazilian Diva Hair?

Grade A Hair

Brazilian Diva is Micheall’s Hair and Beauty own branded 100% Brazilain virgin 100% human hair. We are working closley with suppliers from Brazil to bring the best quality hair to our consumers. There is so much hair on the market that people call Brazilian so here is a few tips on how to know if your hair is really Brazilian hair!

Q. Firstly what is Brazilian Hair

A. It is the most sort our virgin hair in the world. The hair is known for its durability and high texture quality.

Q. Is all Brazilian hair good quality

A. No, Brazilian Hair ranges from Grade A down to a grade C.This is determined by the region and genetics of the hair doner for example some of the Grade A hair comes from the geographical areas where the doners are mostly Anglo. The hair is a fine silky texture which is excellent for wig making. This hair is the one of the highest quality’s on the market.

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