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Custom made wefts

South American Hair

We are excited to announce our new product range of custom made wefts. At the moment we are specialising in three types of hair textures Brazilian, Peruvian and Argentinian. Now before l talk about the custom made wefts let me touch a little on each hair type.

Argentinian hair: This hair is sourced directly from Argentina and is a soft silky texture. In Argentina you have a lot of Anglo- South Americans so the hair does come with a similar look and feel to Spanish hair. It is still suitable for relaxed textured Afro hair. It is however not suitable for those who have natural Afro hair and want to leave their hair out for partings, even though you can straighten your natural hair to blend with the Argentinian hair, it is more suitable for relaxed textured Afro hair. This hair has a natural shine and luster and reflects sunlight so it has a nice glossy look after styling.

Brazilian hair: This hair has thicker cuticles as some Brazilian people are from Amerindian descent and African descent. So the combination makes the hair strands slightly thicker, making this hair very suitable for Afro hair. It is a bit coarse compared to Argentinian and Peruvian but is still softer and shinier than Indian and Chinese hair.

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Human Hair or is it?

I took it upon myself to investigate the truth behind hair extensions, even though l watched Good hair by Chris Rock it did not go deep enough for me when it comes to knowing about what your putting into your hair When it comes to Human hair. l had thought of inventing some form of serum that would stop women from banging their heads when they have bonded in or sewn in human hair. But what l was to discover about human hair especially a lot of the famous black hair brands was to change my view on the hair industry forever. Now without being biased if your going to wear weaves its better you either wore real human hair or 100% synthetic, you wonder why l say this well lets see. After my many travels and my research when l was first starting my  hair and beauty company l meet a lot of people some good and some bad all of then gave me a crash course on Good hair and Bad hair. From suppliers in Peru to the Orient of China.

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