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Getting the best out of your Virgin Brazilian Hair!

Natural Color Brazilian Hair

When you spend a lot of money on hair extensions you will have the expectation that the hair will last you a very long time. The worst thing that can happen is that your hair begins to tangle or sheds like crazy. At Micheall’s Hair and Beauty we put our hair through the shed and tangle test. And what is that exactly?

We work closely with a factory in Brazil that sources the hair from many cities and villages in Brazil South America. 95% of our hair is virgin hair ( hair that has never been chemically treated or coloured or out through a refining process).  Brazilian hair is one of the most expensive hair extensions in the world it is widely sort after even in Brazil. After the hair is shipped to us the sales team at Micheall’s take all the hair and check each bundle, If a bundle has too many grey hairs or the texture is not upto our standard we put it in a pile to be sent back to our supplier.

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