Covid-19 Prevention procedure.

As the world is in a global pandemic due to Covid-19, we at Michealls understand that it is important to put measures in place to ensure not only the safety of our customers but of our staff as well. We source virgin hair extensions from all over the world. This hair is handled by numerous individuals from the buyer (cutters), to the factory staff, to the suppliers who sell to vendors internationally and so on. 

Once we receive a package, we remove the hair from its original packaging whilst we adhere to the hand washing guidelines recommended by the W.H.O and then we wash the hair with warm water and air dry it in the sun. Once the hair is washed and dried we then store the hair in plastic storage containers until it is ready for packaging and shipping. If any of our staff feels unwell, we do not allow them to come into work but recommend they take some time ( 3 - 14 days dependant on their symptoms and temperature )off until they are better. We are a very small company and run a small but tight ship.

We also recommend our customers to disinfect their packages once they receive them and to discard the outer packaging as  this would have been in contact with many different hands before it reaches the customer.